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Singer-songwriter, Ciara Vizzard, will touch you with a voice that is simply celestial.  Her music weaves stories of human relationships, and her deep understanding of people forms the very essence of her songwriting. Her influences range from Boyz II Men with their beautiful harmonies and Janet Jackson for her soulful songs,  all the way to the Spice Girls with their powerful pop.

Born and raised in America to Irish and American parents, growing up in Paris, and then moving to Belfast before settling near London, lends Ciara a unique style and authenticity that crosses divides and speaks straight to the soul.

After her university degree, Ciara decided to dedicate her life completely to music, and she has been turning heads in the music industry ever since. She has performed in a variety of venues  in London and other European cities, including the Jazz Cafe in Camden, and continues to be active in the live music scene.

Her music has a pop/melodic soul twist, and her debut EP “Fearless”, is out now!  You can also watch the music video for her song, “Breathe”, on youtube now.

She’ll break your heart. And then she’ll mend it

Breathe - Official Music Video

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