Meet Ciara <Key-Ra>

Singer-songwriter, Ciara Vizzard, will touch you with a voice that is simply celestial.  Her music weaves stories of human relationships, and her deep understanding of people forms the very essence of her songwriting. Her influences range from Nat King Cole and the Spice Girls growing up, to Steffany Gretzinger and H.E.R. lately.

Born and raised in America to Irish and American parents, growing up in Paris, and then moving to Belfast before settling near London, lends Ciara a unique style and authenticity that crosses langauge and cultural divides, speaking straight to the soul.

Released in 2017, her debut EP, Fearless, was welcomed with a sold out launch show. She also released two singles last year, Hurricane and Is It Okay, and is working on the release of more new music this year.

Her music has a pop/melodic soul twist that will break your heart and then mend it

M E D I A  L O W D O W N


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Breathe - Official Music Video

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